Scientific Editing

I offer editing of of scientific papers in my specialist areas (botany, ecology, oenology/viticulture, forestry, and agriculture). Editing can increase your chances of getting accepted by a good journal, particularly for authors whose first language is not English.

I can assist by reworking the text for clarity and coherence (including, where necessary, sentence and paragraph structure, as well as correcting typos and grammatical errors), and ensure that the paper is formatted correctly for your target journal.


I am also available to write short articles and blog posts on the same topics (and potentially others, with discussion).

About Me

I am a scientific editor & writer. I am also a photographer.

My training as a teacher of English for speakers of other languages gives me experience at working with those whose first language is not English.

I provide the highest quality service at economic rates. Please contact me for details on my rates for your academic projects!